Friday, August 26, 2005

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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Added the chat link on my blog.... Hope it will work fine..

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Are you ever faced with a problem that you have to call a webservice from you C# windows application and the webservice is taking some time in returning the data? The user has to wait until the webservice returns. The user will be stuck until the webservice replies back, but what if you can't afford such delay. So here is the solution for that. Call the webservice asynchronously. Seems confused…… how to do it? It is not that hard, when you enter the reference of the webservice in your project it automatically creates methods for calling the webservice asynchronously

Two methods are created by default one is to start the webmethod asynchronously and other is to end the asynchronous call.

Sample Web Service:

public class AddService
public int Add (int a,int b)
return a+b;

Sample Client:

public Class AddClient

private AddService serviceObject = null;

public AsyncCallback wsCallBack = null;

public void DisplayResults()
if ( wsCallBack == null )
wsCallBack = new AsyncCallback (AddResults);
serviceObject.BeginAdd(5,6,wsCallBack, new ReturnValue());

//Continue to do whatever you want to do
//This function is called when the Add webmethod returns
public void AddResults(IAsyncResult asyn)
ReturnValue rValue = (ReturnValue)asyn.AsyncState ;
int result = rValue.result; //this gives you the result
//This call is used to represent the return value from the webmethod
Public Class ReturnValue
public int result;

Friday, August 05, 2005

What is the most furustrating thing in web applications, as compared to the dektop applications. It is the server trip, which most of the web application takes even if you change the seletion of a dropdownlist , it goes to the server to poulate another dropdownlist depending on the seletion we made.

With google introducting their new technologies like Gmail , Google Suggest and now Google Maps. It now seems poosible to have rich user experience on the web too. The google have used AJAX.

What is AJAX. In simple Asyncronus Javascript + XML. AJAX is a set of different technologies, that togater facilitates you to develop web application that offers rich user experience. I am working on a presentation on AJAX, i will soon upload it on my blog.

Some good reference on AJAX

  2. Life Without Refresh by Dmitri Khanine and Phil Carrillo, July 2005.
  3. Ajax: A New Approach to Web Applications by Jesse James Garrett February 18, 2005 of Adaptive Path
  4. AJAX.NET webblog

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Open source software are very useful at times. Some good open source resources for C# and Java.